Quality approach

2CA is one of the very first companies of its business sector to have obtained, as of 1995, ISO certification 9002. In 2001, ISO certification 9001 version 2000 confirmed the will and the relevance of its management system.

iso 9001

By the contribution of rigorous procedures, the qualification and the motivation of the teams: 2CA constantly improves its efficiency and its skills while keeping in mind the sense of the customer, his dynamism and his listening skills.

Sustainable development

Leible 19.11.10 010

Implementing a sustainable development procedure within an organisation is a complex process, involving all of 2CA’s functions. It requires the installation of a genuine trans-departmental management programme, with delegates from the organisation’s main divisions, involving the participants in sustainable development model.

Leible 19.11.10 010Compliance with environmental, social and economic criteria when developing our products depends not only on internal processes, but also on the quality of the products purchased from our suppliers.

We also participate locally to the integration, training and qualification of personnel experiencing difficulties up to that point, by means of a pool of employers for integration and qualification (GEIQ).